Telling someone special exactly how much you love them can be a challenge.

It can be hard to find the right words to say and every gift idea you think of doesn’t properly sum up how you feel. Until now!

Sending a Limited Edition Hand Drawn Penis is the best way to impress someone you love!

Every mature human on this planet appreciates the good humor of a penis drawing. It is the appreciation for that humor after all, that separates us from the animals. Even the word ‘penis’ is funny. A sketch of a penis is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also bordering on comic genius.

Making a Difference

This website was made to raise money for world leading prostate cancer research. This website was the best thing I could think of to combine my two great passions of hand drawn phallic art and raising money for charity.

Please donate generously to this great cause. All money donated to this fundraising page goes to charity.

Genuine Limited Edition

Every hand drawn penis is smartly presented on a small piece of real cardboard and will be numbered and signed by the artist which is me.

Limited Edition Hand Drawn Penis on Cardboard Gifts are:

  • Excellent
  • Fun
  • Lovely
The Classic penis drawing“ class=

‘The Classic’ - Pen Sketch ($5)

A classic pen sketch of a penis with crisp pen strokes and firm outlines. It is beautiful. It is timeless. It is a sweet present for someone special in your life.

El Presidente penis drawing“ class=

‘El Presidente’ - Full color Pen and Watercolor ($20)

This drawing offers that little bit more for the true appreciator of penis art. Soft, full-color watercolors really make this piece of art particularly meaningful. It sends a clear message to the lucky recipient - ’you are so special that I was happy to pay a bit more for your limited edition penis drawing and get more detail added’.

The Taj Mahal“ class=

‘The Taj Mahal of Penis Drawings’ ($500)

A full-color artist’s impression of the classic front facing view of the Taj Mahal with each column and dome beautifully rendered as a penis. This drawing involves exceptional attention to detail and is the perfect gift idea for an extra special occasion.

The card will be numbered as number 1/1 with the sender getting the right to leave a message in the top spot on the Honor Board.

When you buy the Limited Edition Original Hand Drawn Penis Card you will have the opportunity to leave a unique message for the receiver on the Message Board.

The lucky person who receives your gift can then keep the card in their purse, wallet or maybe even frame it to remind themselves of how much they mean to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cards go up in value?

Of course they will. They are limited edition.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is FREE worldwide. The love of penis drawings is universal and no one should be denied the opportunity of receiving this thoughtful, special gift.

Is it a print or a real piece of art?

Rest assured it is a genuine hand drawn penis on real cardboard. Each drawing is original and no two are the same. Each piece of cardboard is numbered and signed by me.

What will you do with the money?

Selling all 100 cards is not exactly going to set me up for life and put my kids through college. By the time I pay for website hosting, card delivery etc. I may even make a loss. My goal though is to draw some attention and raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. Please make a donation, every cent counts.

Is this a good present for a girl I like?

Good thinking, it certainly is. Girls always like to know they are special and this is something very special. Your lady friend is sure to be impressed with your thoughtfulness and content with her splendid gift.

Why wouldn’t I make my own card?

Haha, no. Then your friend wouldn’t be getting a Genuine Limited Edition Hand Drawn Penis and I wouldn’t make a cent. Purchasing a card also lets you write a message for the recipient on the Message Board.

Is this a nice present for a guy I like?

It is the nicest possible present. Since the dawn of time man has appreciated penis drawings. It is rumoured that Eve gave one to Adam and look at them. They went on to have many children together. Ok, so maybe their eldest lad Cain was a bit of a silly boy at times but the point is that sending this beautiful present to a guy will make that guy love you instantly.

How many times is the word ‘penis’ mentioned on this website?

Penis - 26 times.

Are the cards anonymous?

Each beautifully presented limited edition card is gifted anonymously but as the buyer you have the privilege of leaving a message for that special someone on the message board.

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